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Two Great Locations in Beaverton & Hillsboro!

Take the MAX!  Drink, Don't DRIVE!
Now both locations can  be accessed by Public transportation on the Max line!  Morgys  Pub is located at the Hawthorn Farms Max stop in Hillsboro, and Broadway Saloon and Steak house is located at the Beaverton Central  Max stop.  Drink, Don't Drive!Visit us at both locations for  great food, friends and Fun!
Morgys Pub Morgys Pub & Grill
Originally Carla, wanted to open a Italian Sandwich shop named after her daughter Morgan. She was going to call it Moregano's... Read More
Broadway Saloon Broadway Saloon & Steakhouse
In 1993 the Moore Brothers were driving along in old town Beaverton when they saw a dilapidated old building for sale which was deemed unusable by the city of Beaverton.  Being they...   Read More
Visit Broadway Saloon - Click here!